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The wedding cake, one of the most important pieces to any bride and grooms wedding day. The cake is more than just a sweet treat as it represents tradition, celebration, and unity. Wedding cakes can be a variety of designs, sizes, shapes and colours and can be made to match a particular theme or even the brides dress. 

Primarily the wedding cake serves as a focal point during the reception, often placed in the centre of a dance floor or next to the head table for all guests to admire.

In some cultures the wedding cake signifies good luck, enjoyment and prosperity. It's a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation growing and changing in design from the traditional all white and simplistic design to modern tiered wedding cakes full of colour and vibrance.

Vital to any wedding day is when the cake is being cut. This provides a memorable moment and has a guaranteed slot in the wedding album. We love that we’re a part of a cherished tradition that remains in the memories of not just the couple but also their guests, marking the beginning of their journey together.

Ultimately the wedding cake is a pivotal point to any bride and grooms celebration. We supply A variety of bespoke, modern, and traditional wedding cakes in a wide range of designs, sizes and flavours. We offer a personal design service and our professional team will deliver and setup your cake.

 3 tier wedding cakes starting from £225.

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