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Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 9pm

Tuesday 10am - 9pm

Wednesday 10am - 9pm

Thursday 10am - 9pm

Friday 10am - 9pm

Saturday 10am - 9pm

Sunday 10am - 9pm

We open on all bank holidays including Christmas and New Year.




Do you deliver?


Yes we deliver all over the UK mainland. All deliveries are subject to a fee dependant on the mileage cost from our base. We have a minimum order cost for deliveries outside of birmingham.


What flavours do you do?


We do a wide variety of flavours that can be found here our most popular flavours are vanilla and strawberry jam, chocolate and red velvet. If you can’t see a flavour or filling that you want please let us know and we will be happy to make it for you.


Do you cater for allergies?


Yes we cater for all types of allergies such as nuts, wheat, eggs etc. Knowing the seriousness of allergic reactions we take all types of allergies seriously, we would take all necessary precautions by sanitising the area and using our separate tools and utensils to produce your cake but we can not guarantee traces may not be found as we do work in a factory that handles such products like egg, nuts etc. Please be sure to let us know of any allergies prior to booking.


Do you provide cake stands and knives?


Yes we provide cake stands and knives if requested at a extra cost. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.


Do you require a deposit?


Yes to reserve your slot in our diary we take a 50% non-refundable deposit. No slot is secure without a deposit. 


I have no idea what type of cake I would like – can you help?


We are here to help you with all aspects of your enquiry. All we need to know is the time, date and venue the cake is needed for, the size you would like or the amount you intend to feed and the budget/maximum amount you don’t wish to spend more than. This best enables us to provide a tailored made cake and quote for your needs.


How much notice do you need?


It is always best to contact us ASAP as our diary tends to book up fast. We do not have a minimum notice period as if possible we can produce a cake on the day if enough time is allowed to produce the cake you want and we have a slot in our diary. If interested in a cake from us it would be best to give at least 2 weeks notice to avoid disappointment. 


What’s the smallest / largest cake you do?


The smallest cake we do as a single tier is 6” and the largest cake we do baked is a 16” circle, though cakes can be made bigger and for this we would use dummy tiers. 

Do you have a minimum order amount for cupcakes, brownies, biscuits etc?


The minimum order amount for cupcakes in any 1 flavour is 12 then you can add multiples of 6.


Do you offer cake decorating classes?


Yes we currently offer classes via zoom. We offer group classes and personal 1-1 in depth classes and you can choose what you want to learn. You can also find our tutorials on YouTube and our social media platforms. 


Do you do edible prints and glitter toppers to purchase?


Yes we do. We can print any image you want onto A4 edible icing or rice paper. All you need is to send us the pictures you would like to as a word document and we will print it to your specifications. Glitter toppers and edible prints can be collected same day or sent via Royal Mail 1st class same day.

Are your cakes?


Yes all our cakes are 100% halal and suitable for vegetarians but some decorations may contain halal animal products. If you want these removed please let us know.


How should i store my cake?


If uncut we advise the cake is stored in the fridge and eaten within 7 days, If no space in the fridge a cool place is sufficient. If it’s cut the cake should be eaten in 3-5 days and stored in an airtight container to keep it fresh and moist. 

How tall are you cakes?


Generally our cakes are between 5-7” tall. 


How do i pay?


At the moment all cake deposits and final balances are paid via bank transfer as we’re currently not accepting cash or card payments. 


Can i make last minute changes to the cake?


This would depend on what you need changed, in general flavours and fillings need to be changed 3 days before collection at the latest.

What floral options do you have for cakes?


We offer a wide range of florals that you can add to any cake. We offer real flowers that have been treated and made suitable to be placed inside a cake. We also have a variety of silk and foam flowers and we also do edible sugar flowers.


Can i have different flavours in each tier of my cake?


Yes this is not a problem. Please note we do charge extra for mixing flavours.