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Gone are the days of plain Victoria sponge cakes as the chocolate drip cakes take over. Drip cakes have become trend and well known within the cake industry as they’re extremely versatile with their looks, taste, and textures.

Drip cakes, characterized by their cascading drips of ganache, icing, or glaze down the sides of a cake, offer a playful and artistic touch to traditional cake presentations.

Drip cakes have become popular as it’s a quick and easy way to enhance the look and taste of any cake. Just add your drip to a wedding, birthday, fondant or buttercream cake and notice the difference immediately.

Also, the rise of social media has significantly contributed to the popularity of drip cakes. Their photogenic nature makes them highly shareable, often going viral on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

We offer a variety of freshly made cakes that can come with or without chocolate drip. Decorate your buttercream or fondant cakes with a range of chocolate and colours. Drip cakes starting from £75. 

Choose your cake, drip and contactl us NOW.

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