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Here at Khalid’s Kakes we specialise in realistic and hyper-realistic celebration cakes. In recent years Realistic cakes have become more and more popular with innovative and captivating designs. Realistic cakes such as a trainer cake or car cake are significantly different to your everyday buttercream or fondant cake. 

Cakes such as our Cot cake or Gucci Suitcase cake, take a considerable amount of time and skill, as we showcase our ability to turn your beloved item into an edible piece of art.

Also, these cakes serve as a unique form of expression and celebration. Whether it's a lifelike replica of your favourite cartoon character for a child's birthday or a replica of a beloved pet for a special occasion, these cakes add a personalised touch that elevates any occasion.

Some of our cakes have contributed significantly to our rise in social media as they’re visually striking appearance often goes viral, gaining widespread attention and admiration, which further pushes us to inspire others and to explore their creativity and let their imagination go wild.

We can create anything out of cake and we’re always looking for the next challenging cake to test our artistry and edible skills. All cakes are hand-crafted with attention to detail and fresh ingredients. 

Discuss your hand-crafted work of art NOW.

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