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Asian weddings are rich in colour and vibrance, and the wedding cake is almost as important as the brides wedding dress known as the ‘Lehenga’. Traditionally in Asian weddings the wedding cake is made to match the dress with its colour and pattern.  

Typically Asian wedding cakes are tiered with a red and gold theme but with the more modern generation we’re starting to see a shift to a variety of bright and pastel colours, alongside more modern patterns and simplistic floral designs. 


The design work on Asian wedding cakes, Mehndi cakes, Nikkah cakes and the likes are delicately hand crafted often using edible materials like fondant icing and edible lace to replicate the intricate designs based around the henna theme. These cakes serve as a stunning reflection of the bride's decorated hands during the mehndi ceremony.


We love creating Asian wedding and Mehndi cakes to celebrate some of our clients cultures merging the beauty of South Asian traditions with the enjoyment of a mouth-watering dessert, making them a meaningful addition to any wedding celebration.

3 tier wedding cakes starting from £225.

Book a free 15 minute consultation via phone or zoom NOW. 

Any cake can be made using dummy tiers to help reduce cost and wastage. 

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