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Please note once deposit is paid we will assume these terms and conditions have been read so please read them thoroughly before paying your deposit. 


A 50% deposit of the overall cost is necessary to secure your booking and is non-transferable to other days or orders. Without the deposit your booking is not secure within our diary and your order will not be processed. Please ensure all details of the cake design are decided upon before paying your deposit as the deposit secures that exact design and is non-transferable to a new design.

For stand and bouquet hire a further deposit is required. (see below).


Payments can be made via bank transfer, credit or debit card and payment link, please note there is a charge to pay via payment link or via card in store. Receipt and confirmation will be processed once payment has been received.

If payment is not received upon receipt of your invoice then please ensure you check the slot is still available before sending your initial payment. 


All remaining cake balances need to be cleared 7 days prior to the delivery/collection date in order for your cake to be processed and delivered on time. If final payment is any later than 3 days this will incur loss of deposit and non-receipt of cake. You can choose to pay the balance in full at any time. The Remaining balance becomes non refundable 7 days before receipt of cake.

Please note although we try, we are not liable to send reminders for this. We advise you set a reminder to ensure this is not forgotten. 


A refundable deposit is required for stand and separator hire, which will be refunded in full if all items are returned within the agreed time and in the same condition as per delivery and set up. 

Return must be within 24 hours of the set up time and in the same condition as per delivery and set up. Should there be any delay in this arrangement, a further hire charge will be taken from the deposit until items are returned or complete deposit is lost.

Refundable Stand Deposits are as follows:

Floral Stands + Gold base cake Stands :£100 per stand

Floral Separators : £50 per separator 

Gold Separators : £150 per separator

Cupcake Tower : £100 

If the equipment is damaged or items are missing this will incur a complete loss of deposit. 

There will be a cleaning charge of £15 per item if returned dirty. This includes buttercream and cake crumbs inside the stand. Please ensure the buttercream is wiped off the florals before returning.

It may be possible for us to collect stands and bouquets with prior arrangement, which would incur a collection charge, please discuss with us in person to obtain a quote for this. 


All cancellations will result in FULL loss of deposit - This applies to any and all circumstance. Any cancellations made 7 days before the cake is due will result in loss of deposit and remaining balance. (Stand hire and stand deposits are fully refundable)

For example : If payment is made in full and then the cake is cancelled 14 days prior to delivery this will result in loss of deposit but remaining balance being retuned. If cake is cancelled 7 days or less prior to receipt then this will result in loss of deposit and remaining balance. 


Changing your order date after securing with a deposit is classed as a cancellation and therefore results in loss of deposit/remaining balance. Changing a date is subject to availability and will only be possible if our diary permits it.  Please note if this option is available then the deposit is non transferable to a new cake. 


Liability – We accept no liability to the cake once we have delivered, setup and quality checks have been made. Once a cake is collected and left our hands we accept no liability or responsibility. Please ensure you check the cake upon collection and report any problems before leaving the site. If you are sending someone else to collect they need to be trusted to do this also. Instructions on how to travel with your cake can be given upon request.  


All cakes are quoted as Khalid's vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream. Please see flavour list for full descriptions of flavours. We provide a wide variety of flavours and filling at a extra cost


We cater for most dietary requirements. Please mention your specific dietary requirements upon enquiry as otherwise we will assume no allergies are to be taken into consideration. All cakes contain Eggs, Dairy, Wheat unless specified. Full ingredients list can be given upon request.


Delivery – We deliver and setup nationwide, all deliveries are chargeable based on mileage from our base in Birmingham. 

Deliveries outside of Birmingham incur extra charges and are subject to a minimum order cost.


If a cake is being collected from us we advise that you have adequate space for the cake to sit flat and safe driving is adhered to. If collecting tiered cakes we always advise delivery by our trained staff. In hot weather we advise the air con to be on in your cake prior to collection and for it to remain on for the remainder of your journey. We advise all cakes are refrigerated until 1-3 hours before an event depending on the weather. Please ask for further instructions if needed. 

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